Cut to a T (Part II)

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On the same weekend my bro came up from out of town to party with us (and make his own Pimp Cup!), I decided I needed another tshirt.

Long story short, I came up with this design, did it up in Macromedia Freehand, printed it out and made it happen. Really quite tricky on this one, with lots of internal cuts.


This is the best solution. I had this sheet of adhesive stuff. I don't know where to get more. You know how stickers have a page with designs, coated with glue, then the cover on the back that you peel off? Well this stuff has that on both sides. It's just a sheet of adhesive backing. So I put my design down on that before I cut it out. It worked SO well. Kept everything in place, but still peeled off cleanly. Hooray! The tshirt? How did the tshirt come out?


You tell me.



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