Ripped-Off Logos

I'm a graphic designer by trade. That means I design graphics, including logos and identities. It's a carefully crafted image based on the industry and the particular company. A lot of work and money goes into creating an image. Sometimes we'll get the instruction that "I want to have a sort of ____ feel to it," relating a logo or package to an existing entity.

That's fine.

But this stuff is bull. Not only is it taking money away from real graphic designers (try investing in your company some, you scoundrels!) it also insults you the consumer by caching in on popular iconography to undeservedly steal your attention.

These are logos that I've personally seen and photographed around Rochester. Please send me others you might have spotted and captured and I'll gladly put them up here and credit you.


Poor poor mario! What have they done to you? You went from plumbing to flooring! Well, okay maybe that's a step up; I don't know the heirarchy of the home repair and servicing world. But still, that's just cruel. Obviously trying to cash in on the recognizable goomba stomping Italian, this company shamelessly stole the Mario illustration, put him on a floor, inserted a crappy "hammer" into his fist, and most insulting of all:


They turned the 'M' on his hat into a 'E'! SHAME! Eario will come install hardwood flooring for you! The company name, of course, started with an E. You bastards, give us our Mario back!

Next up we have a tragic rip-off of the classic Harley Davidson logo.


These jerks blatantly stole the eye catching Harley logo and put their own business name inside it. Harley Davidson Motor Cycles becomes Hardwood Flooring Promax Refinishing or whatever. Jerks! Here's the real logo.


Tux what have they done to you!? Finally we have a bewildering piece of questionable art theft. Obviously these guys stole our dear, beloved Linux mascot, Tux the Penguin, and for what? For a heating and cooling business? No, sir, that will not do! Okay, I get it; air conditioning is cold, penguins are cute, yadda yadda. But not this penguin. Not my Tux!


Now before all you crazy hackers go and try to re-enact Pearl Harbor on their website or anything, please note that I did look into this case. Apparently the Tux logo is also open licensed and this company did ask permission to use it, amazingly enough. But still, I think it's pretty damn cheap.

A nice fellow at told me that, in fact, "I believe this company contacted Larry Ewing, the author of the Tux image, and got his permission." So it's settled that although it's our dear Tux on there, it is in fact okayed by the creator. To view Larry Ewing's web page, click here.

A nice guy for sure, but I still don't like Tux being plastered on an HVAC truck.

Notice that all of these are construction service based businesses, and two of them are flooring related! Does that particular industry attract an oddly high ratio of asshattery? I don't pretend to know, but the above examples from the east side of Rochester only seem to be pretty telling!

Again, feel free to send me any similar rip offs you find! Click here for my email. Thanks a lot and keep your eyes peeled! Speaking of shamelessly drawing attention, theWAREHOUSE invites you to take a look at our great sponsors at the top of this page. There's some quality stuff up there!

Oh and by the way, the Kool-Aid guy over on the right column of this page is not ripped-off; it's considered okay under the "Fair Use" laws for satire. I know my rights!

Click below to view the second page, where some intrepid readers have already sent in - or fessed up to having(duh duh DUHHHH) - ripped-off logos!


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