Corpse Cake

Halloween is coming up and you all had better have kickass party plans. Here's a project to sweeten the deal at any party: Make a Corpse Cake! I've had several people be inspired to create their own corpse cakes! What's a Corpse Cake you ask? It's a cake that looks like a corpse, of course. You can dress it up any way you want but it's great fun regardless.


And that's what we in the biz refer to as the "money shot"....Keep on reading to find out how to make your own! Although you can do anything you want with the cake, here's what I used:
- 2 boxes white cake mix (if you want to have an "ethnic" corpse, use one white and one chocolate)
- 1 box of vanilla pudding
- 1 thing of squeezable strawberry preserves
- LOTS of frosting. I used two and a half containers
- those little gel frosting colors for details
- food coloring


Prepare the two cake mixes at the same time according to box directions. Keep them separate. One will be your "skin and flesh" layer and the other will be your "guts" layer. How do you make a guts layer? Simple: red food coloring.


Tadaaaa. Easy. Now you're going to want two pans that can nest for the "body" and two that can nest for the "head." On the ones that go inside you should grease them up really well. I used a light olive oil spray and it seemed pretty good.


Click over to the next page to see the rest of the "making of" and a few "eating of" shots! And don't forget to send me pictures of your corpse cake!


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