Have you ever looked at the pattern on a discarded, mismatched piece of flatware and said to yourself, "That would make a really neat piece of jewelry for my wife!" ? Well, I have.

I found this simple stainless steel spoon the other day with a great rose pattern twining up the handle, and I decided that although it had no set to go with it didn't deserve to be thrown away. So I set about figuring out how to turn it into a bracelet for Aubrey.

Spoon Bracelet


First thing's first. Collecting the tools. Here's a list of what I used throughout the project, and depending on what you're using and what you're making, you might want something different. But here we go:
- Strong pliers with a comfortable grip
- Dremel tool with cutting disc and sanding thing
- Hammer, small pliers, various sandpapers

Spoon Bracelet


It's easy enough to roughly bend handle of the spoon into shape, which I did a little bit to give myself an easier grip for the real work on this: removing the extra material from the "business end" of the spoon for the bottom of the bracelet.

Spoon Bracelet


Using the cutting disc on the dremel tool (thanks, Dad!) is hella fun, but consider this:

Not only can the cutting the dremel tool make the metal
shoot sparks, it will also heat the spoon up to
a completely insane temperature. It won't glow red, but it
will be hot enough to immediately boil water on contact.
(or otherwise protect your hands and body)
(I used a large 10lb weight from my weight bench)

Okay, now that that disclaimer is out of the way, it is a blast cutting the spoon down to size.

Spoon Bracelet

Spoon Bracelet


Once everything is relatively cut to the right width, continue bending it.

IMPORTANT: This is no time to be secretive about your project. You'll need to take frequent sizings of the intended recipient to test the fit of the bracelet. Since this will only be very slightly flexible, she (or he!) will need to be able to get it on and off without breaking their thumb and yet it should be snug enough that it won't flop around too much while wearing it.

If you don't mind the oldschool "ID bracelet" look, it would be easy enough to cut off the spoon-head itself at attach a chain and catch for easier adornment.

Spoon Bracelet


It took me most of an afternoon to do this project, and a large chunk of that time was grinding and sanding everything down smooth and bending it to the right "squished oval" shape of the human wrist.

Give yourself enough time to make sure everything's shiny and all the burrs of sharp, flesh-searingly hot metal are gone. Seriously, watch out for the heat on this thing. Danger!

Spoon Bracelet


But in the end, when everything works out right and you give this bracelet to a loved one, it's all worth it. Why? Because:
- You recycled a spoon
- You got to play with power tools
- You got to shoot sparks across the room!
- Bending metal is fun
- You or a loved one got a kickass new piece of jewelry

Spoon Bracelet


Spoon Bracelet

Well, that's about it, guys! A darn fun project if I do say so myself. As with all theWAREHOUSE DIY projects, I'd love to see if you've done anything similar, or especially if you're inspired by this article to try it. I'll put pictures and descriptions up here with this article.






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