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Got any LOLMETAL pics or LOLMETAL picture ideas? Email Me and I'll host them here (with your name and website if you want).

Tom sends this one in with the disturbing innuendo that the guy is in fact feeling up a priest, since they're in a church. Not pleasant:



Lukas of Audiojunkies takes enough time staring at that horrible thing's crotch to come up with this great LOLMetal pic:



Matt sends me this tipsy Iron Maiden submish. Looks like an alcohol abusingly good time to me:



David knows that this guy maintains his baby-smooth skin by...eating babies! Apparently:



Asheleigh sent in this great one of the Polish death metal band Vader:



(haha, Vader)

And our buddy Shaprio Moriarty from the forum gave us this one:



Nicola Nonesuch picks up the proclivity of these knuckleheads to roll out arms akimbo with smoke effects! haha...birnt. Thanks Nicola!



Sam! I told you! Immortal just has nothing but absolutely awesome pictures! And then there's a slipknot Mona Lisa too. So there.




Wes OCP just sent in this dookielicious one of what I believe is the Behemoth Matrix dudes from earlier. Man that really does look like one of those Pope toilets!



A couple of you crazy, crazy mofos sent in the one below. I do not know, nor do I want to know, who or what that is. Thanks a lot, Wes OCP and GonnaSin. It looks like my kitchen after I cook marinara sauce. Eugh.



Shamram, what can I say. You have elevated the art. This...this is fine SIR. FINE.




Andy, found a gem! Impaler might be a metal band. They might be a B-movie cast of zombies. They might a Pro Wrestling Team from the early 90s! What in the heck were they thinking? Hah! Thanks dude!






Katie, Katie! Are you crazy? You so crazy. Haha. I love these! Thanks!




Jonathan excels at finding some really awkwardly obscure metal pictures. Hah!




Danielle hooked us up with this little gem. Thanks!



Don rocks my socks off with the perfect Wayne's World reference. Muhaha! Thanks man!





Geoffrey says, "This one's awful, but..." clearly showing he has no appreciation for his own sense of humor. Heh I laughed! Thanks G-man!



Corissa just sent in a snazzy pair. One is the Eagles of Death Metal (yes, yes, they're not even a metal band - get over it! It's still funny) and the other is Dark Funeral. Thanks!




ERNZ (I like it) kind of, sort of, a little...makes me feel sorry for these guys:



Scott from theFORUM sent in these twisted treats. Mmmm treats:




The End


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