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The original Pimp Cup article is over 2 years old and has been featured in FHM Magazine (nsfw)
and all over the internet. I decided it was time to revamp this Pimp Cup party for the newer WAREHOUSE style,
since it's been one of the most enduring articles. It's not an exaggeration to say it's one of the flagship articles
that helped launch theWAREHOUSE. It's been rewritten and freshened up - not just reposted.

Brothers, how do you keep your pimp hand strong? Fill my pimp chalice with a good heavy liquid (I recommend Crevasse, Course-vasse, Cwuoivwa...whisky) and do 10 reps, table to mouth.

No pimp, rapper, frat boy, sorority girl
or any partygoer worth his-or-her grill
should be without a pimp cup.
This is where you come in!
Mail me your Pimp Cup pictures.

Click the thumbnails to view fullsize.
Our own dear Mr. Peaches is rocking out the sweet Pimp Cup life! Can you deny it? NO, you can't! Tanks mang!
Make your pimp cup.
Rock out with your Pimp Cup.
Send me your Pictures!
Make your pimp cup.
Rock out with your Pimp Cup.
Send me your Pictures!
Amber passed the pimpness on the left hand side! This super artsy set of pimp cups is a great addition to the gallery. Thanks Amber! D'oh! I lost the email for this submission, which sucks because they are two great pimp cups. Chalice of malice, or whatever. If they're yours, please email me so I can credit you! Julie "Juls" Asskicker made this sexy pimp cup that's full of gold and jewels. How's that for a conversation piece? Nice work! Stay tuned for a followup pic of this and her other creations in use!
Jennifer did it up right! "We are heading to a pimp and ho holiday party and made these so we could be big pimpin in our pimp and pimpette outfits!" Ray...dude. Seriously! This mad geek pimp put a blue LED in his pimp cup, with an on/off switch, to show off the glowing pimpitude of the bling. That is classy. You have to see this one full size! Mark & Tracy are, in the colloquial vernacular, flossin' their cheddar mad righteous stylee, dawg! Mark wanted his to look like he was "drinking money" and Tracy loves the black and pink scheme. Very nice!
Trish sends in a trio she made for three birthday boys; Scott, Corey and Farley. "Big hit of the party! Thanks for the ideas!" And thanks for your picture! Megan is rolling in hardcore crunkosity. She made four pimp cups for her friends and they broke 'em out while slammin' at a private bar party! Now that's PIMP! Okay, now this is crunk! T-B..initials for Tizzle Bizzle...purple and gold school colors with diamonds! Thanks TB!
Another pair of pimp cups accompanied by a pair of lovely ladies! Keep it CRUNK girls. Emily and Aubrey show they know how to roll in style with genuine Pimp Cup style supervised by the master himself. That's me. Remember, the inside of these cups are not spraypainted. A sweet submission by my homie Miguel. Nice work on the placement man, keep it crunk and keep 'em comin'! Love the rings around the bottom, and nice texture in the gold too - must be easy to keep a good grip on your chalice when you're rollin' and flossin'....nice work.
Holla! Audrey is flossin' in style with this hot blue and gold chalice. Think you pimp? You aint no pimp compared to this girl stylin' class up against Van Gogh's Starry Night. Now that is class, girl. Thanks! The "A" is for Audrey, the "S" is for State - Penn State! Representin' the Lions!
"Lumberjacks are pimps too. Pimps of the trees." Audrey that is AWESOME. I think you just won teh intarwebs. I made this for my good buddy Rock. It's a complete set: Pimp Chalice, Pimp Staff, and Pimp Thumb Ring. Now that's Pimp. Kristen and Eric's Pimp Cups. Trucker Mudflap Girls? Hell yeah. Pimp!
Biz! rocks. That's all there is to it! She made this sweet pimp cup for her man. "It has been rocked out at all our parties! He loves it & all of our friends are jealous! Thanks soooo much" These kickin' pimp chalices are from Top Dogg - Hand crafted custom Pimp Cups. These kickin' pimp chalices are from Top Dogg - Hand crafted custom Pimp Cups.
Susie and John made these crunkalicious, funkalicious, supercalifragilicious pimp cups! Fur lined, are you kidding me?? That is AWESEOME! For those long nights of drinking, nothing beats the comfort of a fur chalice. And Making the S into a $??? brilliant. My bro Timmy stopped by, along with a bunch of other friends. He decided it was time to belly up to the bar, so we (he) went about fixin' his own pimp cup! Hell yeah, bro! A pimp cup for every day of the week? No, Jen from Ottowas actually made seven pimp cups for her and her friends! Unfortunately she only had her camera phone handy but that's better than nothing! Thanks Jen, keep it crunk!
This is, Rori, with a sweet pic of her rocking out with her own Pimp Cup! Sweet pic of a silver pimpalicious masterpiece.
I'm told the SF stands for Super-Freak - it's super freaky! Thanks Caitlin!
That's hot! True blue party people out there. CrazyC brings us a sweet piece of ice. The cup says crazy (maybe crazyc) and has a 727. Sparkly!

How to make your own Pimp Cup

Not to rain on your parade, but you probably can't afford the thousands of dollars rappers spend on their glorified dixie cups. Maybe you can, I don't know - but the rest of us usually have to watch our expenditure of ducats and Benjamins. But even the most un-crunkified white boy (me) can afford the ten (or twenty bucks tops) it takes to floss some serious materials. Mine ran $11 and launched an empire.



1) Find the perfect cup! Mine came from a springware collection at a grocery store, but check all sorts of stores like Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, dollar stores, etc.

2) Spray paint it gold! Use several very light coats, and only spray the outside. Do not spraypaint the inside (bling good...poison bad!). Hold it up to the light to see where you missed spots. Leave plenty of time for drying.

3) Get your jewels ready! You can pick up packs like this for a few bucks at crafts stores like Michael's. Also you'll need some superglue and patience.

Now they come by many names in the "real world" - crunk cup, pimp chalice, etc. but when you make them out of plastic cups, spray paint, and little plastic gems you call it one thing: a Pimp Cup. And if some fool at a party says "what the heck is that?" it's perfectly acceptable to say in a condescending tone, "It's a Pimp Cup, son!" and throw a deck of cards at him.



4) Get your BLING on! This takes a lot of time, so don't rush it. It's important to only put a very small drop of superglue on, otherwise it will smoosh and look crappy. Also, get them on straight! Otherwise it will look sloppy. For even spacing, try looking straight down at the cup and placing one on each side (12 and 6 on a clock face), then bisecting it (3 and 9), and so forth. The pattern's up to you, so be creative and plan ahead!



I told Aubrey she couldn't have a pimp cup because she was my ho, but after I took the frying pan out of the back of my skull, she quoted me the line from a modern masterpiece of lyricism: " Ladies is pimps too, go and brush your shoulders off" - The Right Honorable Jay-Z. So ladies, I want you to mail me your Pimp Cup pictures also!

Pimp Cup Gallery

Here's where I get to show off all the sexy pimp cups and party pictures you guys send in! So rock out with your chalice out, and don't forget to share the love with theWAREHOUSE!



So go out and make your own, party out with them,
get some sweet photos and share them with theWAREHOUSE!



The End


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