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Remember the original Bacon Tomb, from, back in the day? Of course you do! But check it out anyway. Well I know you've been keeping track too, but it's been over a year since that poor slice of bacon and that single fateful egg were entombed in their lexan prisons. And I've kept those horrible, horrible creations this whole time.

My wife truly loves me.

Here's how it started:



Here's the two month mark:



Here's a full year of "preservation:"



It's a pretty ghastly endeavor, so prepare yourself. I love the textures and growths and all the fun stuff. But for some crazy reason some people might not think it's totally awesome. So consider yourself duly warned, ya pansy.



Here is the sun, as seen through the stained-glass window of a year old slice of bacon. It's a beautiful thing, isn't it? It is. Glorious.



This one is one of my favorite pictures. It's the "brain" striations of some awesomely distorted pork flesh and/or fungus, highlighted by the white grows of various other molds and grossness. It's just...neat.



And a view of the underside not staring at the sun. It's rad how the colors really haven't changed too much because of the seal it formed against the lexan. The edges are brilliant and crisp and the "meat" - if you could still call it that - looks almost like rubber.



This egg. Man, this crazy egg. For two months it hardly did a thing. For four months it barely moved. Gradually over the course of a year it morphed into a cloudy gelatinous puddle. Still, it's not eggxactly brimming with astounding stalagmites of terror. But it does have some rad internal textures and clouds.






So, after a year of anxious waiting, I could finally show you all the big payoff. It kept slowly rotting. Yup. Aren't you happy? I know you are! I know I am. And yes, now I did actually throw them out. I don't want them coming into the new house with us. You know, they never did smell - not even a hint of bad odor. I guess that means the seals must've held just fine, because I assume otherwise they would've been stinking to high heaven.

All in all it was a really interesting project. Really, probably the longest effort I put into any project, even if most of it was to just let it sit there and not accidentally knock over the egg container.

Bacon rules!

The End


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