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In the fine and wonderful world of collectable movie memorabilia there is one sore and grave oversight. Do you want me to run through a bunch of ridiculous things that actually exist, or just tell you? Well this isn't a poll, so we'll just do it in the following order. First you get de Scarface. Den you get de Snowglobe. DEN YOU GET DE SCARFACE SNOWGLOBE!

Yes in a rare breach of theWAREHOUSE tradition, the final product is actually coming before the "how to" section. Why? Because it's that coke-snortingly awesome.

I got my hands on a snowglobe. After turning a few ideas over in my head for a month or three, I realized the perfect project to do with it. A Tony Montana Scarface themed snowglobe. Why a snowglobe, asks the people who have either never seen the movie or haven't yet put together the pieces? A snowglobe because at the climactic finale of the movie Al Pacino (Tony Montana (Scarface)) is sitting, triumphantly destroyed, at his huge desk piled high with cocaine. Cocaine = snow. Get it? Yeah you do.



My father, a brilliant engineer working at consulting (at a certain unnamed mega-corporation), was recently "rewarded" with a ridiculous snowglobe. Anyway it found its way to my house and my tinkering little hands. Yes, tinkering little hands. What's extra pathetic special about this snow globe is that it's also a music box. Yeah, you turn a crank on the bottom and it plays, get this, I Believe I Can Fly. And turns the star around. That's just what's going to make an engineer who's been on the job for decades value his job.



I yanked out the music box part. That might play in on some future project but it's not featured here. I was actually impressed at how simple the seal was. Just a floppy rubber plug. The yellow glue you see in the above pic is simply to hold the base to the top. The pale blue plug is what keeps all the water inside.



I'm not a sculptor. I can do a little bit of woodcarving, and a little bit of painting, and a little bit of sculpting but I'm not great at any of them. So, well, I'm starting with some sculpy-like clay stuff. Starting simply, I blocked out a rectangular desk, a dorky fat chair, and a bloated-corpse stick figure Tony Montana.



Detail is added gradually, but you can already tell how corrupted Tiny Tony is by power.



What followed was a quick bake to set the sculpture and several coat of acrylic paint. After that, it got several coats of spray varnish to protect the paint from the water.



The globe assembly itself got a simple half-dozen coats of gold spray paint. Huffing! Just kidding.



Painting the infamous line from the movie "THE WORLD IS YOURS" was a pain in the butt and really I did a crappy job. I might redo it at some point in the future. Okay, probably never. By the way, the original incarnation of this snowglobe featured a hokey engraved message. I realized how they actually engrave on the products like this. It's just a small oval plate with a sticker coating on the back. I guess that way if it gets screwed up they just replace the plate, not the whole globe. Anyway the adhesive was already peeling up at the edges before I started even tinkering with it. Cheap and crappy. Way to be remembered, Things Remembered.



Here's another shot of Tiny Tony Montana reclining in his coke-addled world. You can almost see the catastrophic desperation building in his eyes. I think I really captured his essence in this piece. It's quite magnificent.






Throwing a handful of glitter in, simple as that. I don't know what we used to make baby-food-jar snowglobes when I was a kid in Scouts but whatever it was they don't sell it any more. Probably tiny chips of lead-flecked asbestos. Anyway, this stuff kind of clung to the Scarface sculpture a little but...oh well.




Anyway...great movie tribute, or the greatest movie tribute?

When the history books are written, then we'll know.

The End


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