The Giving Tree

Check out the tons of animals eating berries from a tree at my office! Including a video of a raccoon!
August 1st

This is the End, My Only Friend, the End...Table

I've decided to revitalize an old end table. Watch me abuse power tools and free wood!
July 28th

Soylent Green C**K SOUP Submission

Check out the excellent reader submission to the Soylent Green article. There have also been great recent submissions for the Go Down on a Hummer article and the lolmetal article. I love you guys!
July 10th

theWAREHOUSE Comics part XIX!

In amidst the roiling turbulent water that is theWAREHOUSE, a ship surfaces. It is...a new set of comics!
July 4th

Frame Revitalization

theWAREHOUSE has been Framed! Hokey, yes, but I found some great picture frames on the side of the road and am offering you sweet readers some shiney prizes to help me figure out what to do with them!
June 25th

the New and Improved WAREHOUSE

Consider this a bloggish update to let everyone know about our great new webhost and near invincible bandwidth!
June 24th

theWAREHOUSE Comics part XX!

Twenny. Twenny sets of comics, yo! Do androids dream of electric sheep?
June 9th


What's good for the cat is good for the...brutal thrashing dolts of death metal?
June 2nd


A bachelor party in Toronto. Want to know more? Of course you do! Check it out!
May 27th

theWAREHOUSE Comics part XIX!

Whoah, Nineteen is one away from twenty.
May 20th

theWAREHOUSE goes House Hunting

Join us for the first few steps in buying a home
May 15th

theWAREHOUSE Comics part XVIII!

Holy Cow! Moo!
May 1st

theWAREHOUSE Comics part XVII!

Eks Vee Aye Aye, captain!
April 1st

360 Made Easy

A simple way to do complete and smooth 360 rotational photography.
April 6th

theWAREHOUSE Comics part XVI!

You know how to read roman numerals. It says Eks Vee Aye!
April 1st

theWAREHOUSE presents: Will It Blend

A parody of errors - and explosions and destroyed appliances.
March 26th

Transformation: Inga Music

A step-by-step look at creating CD cover artwork.
March 21st

theWAREHOUSE Comics part XV!

The fifteenth update? Ninety comics? Get on in there!
March 16th

Soylent Green is People!

Creative social commentary on consumerism and pop Science Fiction culture sweetly summarized by cramming stickers onto produce.
March 3rd

theWAREHOUSE Comics part XIV!

I'm going to have to brush up on my Roman numerals!
February 28th

the USS Carrot

Someone on Fark made the mistake of posting a link to an article promising battleships made from carrots without showing any. theWAREHOUSE delivers.
February 10th

Rex Buys Meat

What happens when a ravenous megalomaniacal dinosaur finds a coupon for a cooler full of meat? Joy happens.
February 5th

Burn Your Boxers

The first ("real") video post from theWAREHOUSE. Involves explosions and fire and underwear and...patriotism?
January 18th

Guitar Hero Erotic Fan Fiction

Because someone had to do it. (sfw)
December 31st

Rex's Road Trip

Rex the Dinosaur goes on a road trip to Chicago. Why? Because it's there. See the harrowing tale here.
December 26th

Impassive Robotic Santa Claus

Wishes you a functional holiday season.
December 20th

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Fun with the time-lapse feature on my camera become a nice wish for all of you guys to have a great holiday season.
December 15th

theWAREHOUSE loves the 80s

80's Tees saw the Good Karma project and sent me a care package of free shirts (and a pair of boxers). Check them right out, now, or I'll tell your mom I what I saw you doing with Cindy Margolis last Wednesday.
December 13th


People are wasting all sorts of money pimping out cars, guns, and purses. You can achieve practically the same results for a fraction of the cost. Pimp the heck out of a dollar store statue. DO IT.
December 6thth

Mermaids at theWAREHOUSE

theWAREHOUSE reviews a bunch of the friendly fish babes for your enjoyment.
November 28th

the Good Karma project

Two dozen companies donated free stuff to theWAREHOUSE. Just to be nice! It's the Good Karma project. Check it out!
November 10th

theWAREHOUSE Comics part XIII!

It's Triskaidekalicious!
November 4th


Making jack-o-lanterns with anything but pumpkins. Namely, here, horny melons and raw ground beef.
October 27th

Drawn by Design update (pt3)

Yet more strips from the terrifying and dangerous world of graphic design!
October 24th

King of the Zombies

Check out this incredibly racist propaganda zombie film! Seriously!
October 19th

Dollar Store Halloween

Come with theWAREHOUSE on an exciting trip to drop a tenspot and jazz up the place for Halloween!
October 15th


It's Friday the 13th! Time for a movie review. POLTERGEIST is it!
October 13th

Battle of the Vans

How many Vans can you think of? Herein they battle. For glory. Are you not entertained?!
October 11th

Drawn by Design II

DbD returns! Uh, did you get the memo about the TPS reports?
October 4th

theWAREHOUSE comic part XII

Part the Twelfth. Yes indeed. Check it out!
September 26th

the Bacon Tomb

Okay. This is like science. Click here to see awesomely gross pictures of two month old foul bacon! DO IT.
September 22nd

Mister Vampire

You're a mean one, Mr. Vampire... Leave those bumbling Asians alone! Check out this review of the seminal Chinese horror classic!
September 18th

theWAREHOUSE comic pt 11

Oh no you didn't. OH NO YOU DIDN'T! Well, if you did, you might as well go on ahead and eat it.
September 1st

Dragon Boat Incense Holder

theWAREHOUSE digs incense. It's time we had a kick ass incense holder. Learn how to make a simple yet great looking one here.
August 27th

Drawn by Design

A limited one-up set of webcomics dedicated to the poor suffering graphic designer
August 25th

Versus movies

Reviews of Komodo vs Cobra and Boa vs Python!
August 14th


Having fun with "art."
August 12th

theWAREHOUSE thinks you're crazy

If we think you're crazy...that's bad.
August 4th

Celebrating 100

It's theWAREHOUSE's 100th article. Check out how we're celebrating!
July 29th

Spoon Bracelet

This is easily one of my favorite DIY projects. Turning a discarded piece of flatware into a beautiful piece of jewelry.
July 24th

theWAREHOUSE comics will punch your eyes out

Tenth installment. Do you hear me? Tenth! Support our number system by reading comics.
July 21st


Don't spill your beer.
July 17th

theWAREHOUSE Photo Cube

How to build a great, striking desktop photo cube.
July 11th

the Legend of the Twelve Turtles

A painstaking side-by-side analysis of the three Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies.
July 4th

Can You Dig It?

The Top 5 Dig-related people, mascots, and otherwise.
June 29th


Check out some neat high-res insect and bug photography.
June 26th

the Ring parodies

A few chuckle-worthy photoshops of the "when you die you see the Ring" tagline.
June 14th

Movie Review: Commando

Is this potentially the quintessential guy movie? Yes. Yes it is.
June 10th

The Chocolate Spinner

Remember Spin Art? Remember Chocolate? Combine them. Awesomely.
June 6th

Fairport Canal Days 2006 Fireworks!

A great set of photos I took of the fireworks over the Erie Canal.
June 2nd

theWAREHOUSE comics cannot be stopped!

Meeting and surpassing the fifty mark. If you tell anyone about this I'll kill you. With thankfulness!
May 30th

Signs of the Times

More great stolen mascots and logos. BONIS: lots uv grammer and speling miss-takes, two!
May 25th

The Grass Desk Project

Customizing a unique and functional desk
May 23rd

Review: Easy Rider

Motorcycles, freedom, America. Highly Recommended!
May 18th

Clock Radio casemod!

Me plus Lexan, power tools and electricity. See what happens!
May 8th

Movie Review: Wild Zero

The Japanese are insane. They must be stopped. This is a campy zombie horror movie with gender issues.
May 7th

Even More theWAREHOUSE Comics!

If you don't love them, I'll bludgeon you with a flaming wildebeest.
May 1st

Hearts for Moms

Come together and get your own mom something awesome for Mother's Day.
April 30th

Reality TV Sucks

Want to keep up with the officeplace conversation? Just read this.
April 22nd

Total Recall review

Movie review time! But first: don't forget to take your amnesia pills. Wait, what? Don't forget to take your amnesia pills.
April 18th

the Poopdollar Experiment

Turning one person's disgusting irresponsibility into a fascinating social experiment! Poop + money, who will pick it up?
April 13th

theWAREHOUSE comic Pt7

A new sextet (heh heh) of comics from theWAREHOUSE!
April 12th

Corpse Cake Easter Bunny

Check out this FHM featured holiday cake!
April 5th

Review: Return to Oz

The brilliantly creepy sequel to the Wizard of Oz. Check it out!
March 31st

Bob Log III's Boob Scotch

Perhaps the best song ever performed. Check out the (nsfw) mp3 here.
March 30th


Open flame, incredibly flammable liquids, and a camera. Some incredibly cool pics of explosions of fire occur!
March 25th

theWAREHOUSE comic Pt6

More madness in the form of another six-comic set of theWAREHOUSE!
March 24th

LEGO Machines

A fun project harnessing and then converting constant energy. Check it out for waterwheels and legos.
March 20th

theWAREHOUSE comic Pt5

Another collection of theWAREHOUSE zany comic goodness. Share with your friends, please.
March 13th

Jackie Chan's Drunken Master

Jackie Chan drinks and fights. Like me with...fighting.
March 12th

theWAREHOUSE comic Pt4

More comics! The saga continues.
March 3rd

Awesome Car

The third of the old games. Love that oldschool arcade action!
March 1st

Squid Chronicles

Recipes, Plush Tentacle Rape, and my poor cat. And Philip Seymour Hoffman.
February 24th

theWAREHOUSE comic Pt3

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, you are here to read some comics.
February 22nd


A simple two player tank-driving friend-shooting arcade game!.
February 21st

theWAREHOUSE comic Pt2

Irreverent, naughty, haughty, malevolent. Go nuts.
February 18th

Fried Pizza

Beer Battered, Deep Fried Pepperoni Pizza, no less.
February 13th

The Street Fighter movies!

Brutal karate action and Sonny Chiba ripping out genitals and throats! Yes please.
February 12th

theWAREHOUSE comic Pt1

Irreverent, naughty, haughty, malevolent. Go nuts.
February 9th

Porpora! the little whale

Flash Game! Swim around as cute little Porpora in this harmless and fun flash game.
February 1st

A Million Little Whoopsies

James Frey needed more monkey. I mean money.
January 27th


Raw Chicken. Raw Fish. Fresh Fruit. Two weeks of rotting.
January 27th

Morning Musubi

Guest writer Aubrey explains the Hawaiian fascination with Spam.
January 25th


A huge article with tons of great pictures of theWAREHOUSE's week in Hawaii!
January 22nd


First article of 2006 and it deals with destroying confections in microwaves.
January 20th

New Year's Eve Special

Several mini-articles brought together to wrap up the wonder that was 2005.
December 30th

The Worst Christmas Song Ever

With a BONUS set of pictures of me screwing up a Sugar Glass project for my company office party.
December 22nd

Black Christmas

A review of one of the first Christmas Horror movies ever made. One horse opened slay. Etc.
December 21st

the Star Wars Holiday Special

The 50th article here are theWAREHOUSE and there's no better way to simultaneously celebrate the Holiday season and talk about Star Wars. Click, read, love, support.
December 9th

Super Mario World: The Night Before Cave Christmas

With a BONUS review: Tom & Jerry's the Night Before Christmas.
December 4th

the Smurfs Christmas Special

With a BONUS surprise at the end! Oh, do check it out.
December 2nd

Harry Palms #1: The Beginthing!

No explanation could prepare you.
November 28th

Stupid Movie Review Time!

Today I bring you a trio of movies. Ranging from the cool Eternal to the acceptably bad Blood Relic to the garbage that is Frankenfish!
November 19th

Corpse Cake Santa

The first (but certainly not last) of theWAREHOUSE's Holiday 2005 articles! Check out the gruesomely tasty holiday project.
November 17th

MST3K Vomitorius

Think you have some bad ideas? We tested out some ipecac recipes suggested in an old MST3K episode! It's barftastic. It's my birthday!!
November 12th

DIY Oriental Lantern

Turning useless junk into a simple but wonderful project.
November 5th

Make Date Night Rock

One of the best ideas for a "date night" I've ever seen. Check it out guys, impress your ladies with your creative nature.
November 3rd

Stupid Halloween Movies

HALLOWEEN SPECIAL! Check out the reviews of two Halloween horror-esque movies! One turned out to be a horrible soft-core porno, I think, and the other's a crappy gore flick!
October 30th


Open the crates! Stop by the brand new theWAREHOUSE forum! Post anonymously or stick around and register. Anything (legal) goes!
October 18th

Go Down on a Hummer!

Social Consciousness time at theWAREHOUSE. Take a picture of yourself giving a thumbs-down to the Hummer, and send it to me.
October 25th

How To: Be More Awesome!

You're pretty awesome now, right? Here's a list of things to help make you even more awesome.
October 21st

Corpse Cake

Sweeten up any Halloween party with this awesome cake design!
October 3rd

Ripped Off Logos

As a graphic designer, little shocks me more (professionally) than cheapskates stealing well-known logos! September 30th

Polarized Lens

Learn how to make a great polarized lens for your camera: On The Cheap! September 25th

Pimp Cup Reader Submissions

I've received so many awesome reader submissions I had to put them on their own page! Check them out and then make one for your next party September 23rd

Duel to the Death

Another movie review! This time it's Samurai versus Ninja action, in a no-holds-barred bloodfest! Naked ninjas and exploding within! Ninjas! September 9th

The Best Chicken Soup Ever Recipe

More than just a recipe, read this article for a sweet culinary treat! Enjoy this simple treat for your whole family. Cooking rules! Yay! September 6th

The Truth Behind the Hurricane

Startling revelations about the Republican Party in the wake of Hurricane Katrina September 1st

Kibakichi: Werewolf Samurai

A movie review of a bumbling Japanese ninja-monster tale. August 27th

Junk Mech

Carl builds a mech out of recycled plastic. August 25th

Cut to a T (Part 2!)

Another Party, another custom Tshirt! August 2nd

Irony Man II. BONUS!

Here's a couple more Iron Man episodes! July 22nd

Irony Man.

Marvel (get it?) in wonder as I review four hilariously crappy Iron Man cartoons. July 15th

Arrested Development Notes.

Somewhere, over the Rainbow...there's another rainbow. July 5th

King Me.

I NEED YOUR VOTES to determine the freakiest King ever. July 5th


The most entertaining article ever written about cold vegetable soup. June 7th

A Fair Fairport Fair.

Just some cool pictures of fireworks. June 4th

Episode III: Handiwork.

The final Star Wars prequel. What a pile of garbage. Can't even give it a thumbs-down, because my hands appear to have been lopped off. June 3rd

A Rainbow in the Dark

A little Dio, a little flash animation. Link contains audio. June 3rd

Jell-O Castles in the Sky

Coffee jell-o, jell-o-schlager, chemical poisoning, ghetto versions of french cuisine...never before have ground up horse parts been this much fun. June 3rd

Refuse Platter

Feed the Need...for feed. May 30th


OHHHH NO!! May 30th

Beware the Tides of March

It'll come out in the wash. May 30th

Twinkie Sushi

Which, was, exactly what it sounds like. May 30th

Sisters, sisters!

Green with envy? May 30th


This has nothing to do with feminism, pizzas, or bikinis. May 30th


Ultraviolent Claymation at it's worst. May 17th


What is it? Read the article to find out. Okay,okay. It's fried sushi. May 7th

Tanks a Lot.

Sure, you've seen remote controlled toy tanks before. But have you ever built one from scratch? Hoo-ah! May 5th

WAREHOUSE Outlet Store

So remember a while ago when I tried to make candles? May 3rd

Hello L.A.O.!

The Warehouse is proud to present our first guest article.
Meet a band called LAO and find out why they rock your ass.
April 26th

Pimp my Cup

Go gangsta trippin' with pride G!
This is not an April Fools prank - build your own Pimp Chalice. April 1st

50 Peeps. 60 Minutes.

Please don't dare me to do stupid things. I'm far too gullible.
March 25th

Not a Peep (aka PEEP FIGHT!)

See what happens when Peeps throw down.
March 23rd

Cut to a T

A cheap idea, a cheap project. Make your own tshirt!
March 12th

Great Big Sea

While fish often smell rank,
it's not often you get to rank fish. Feb 17th

Fine Fast Fare

Combining fast food like the Decepticons
combine Constructicons into Devastator. Jan 22nd

The Great Wax Reclamation

How to turn foofy decorations into a project. Jan 17th

Sauces Demystified

Seriously, stop paying an arm and a leg
for substandard sauces and common dips. Jan 10th

The Fine Art of Snowmanography

Who knew building a snowman could actually give enough material
for an article? I mean, click for the miracle of winter. Jan 8th



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