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Gather round, we've got very big news for you!

Best Ever Fan Sign Contest!


  • TWO Charles the Raver black metal Dog Tags! I love these.
  • One Pair of Pink Boxing Gloves - girl's but they even fit me, sorta
  • One Kung Fu Rubber Duckie
  • One Bobblehead Picture Frame

RUNNER UP PRIZE PACKS fifteen available

  • one Charles the Raver black metal Dog Tag
  • a giant foam hand
  • a little tiny foam hand

Deadline is April 1st! - voting will begin.
Pictures of all the prizes are at the bottom of this post!

All of the prizes for this contest were donated by the very cool online stores the Awristocrat and Martial Arts Pride. Definitely check them both out.


1) Write "I LOVE THE WAREHOUSE" or on your body or on a sign - the sign can as large as you want!

2) Do NOT just photoshop text. It has to be written. Sexy is definitely okay; nudity is not.


TIPS and SUGGESTIONS - how to win

Check out our current fan signs here.

First and foremost, be creative. Funny is good too. I might be able to wrangle a few extra dog tags for group entries. I get the final decision on everything.

And absolutely check out both the Awristocrat and Martial Arts Pride because they totally rocked this house party. I'm not even kidding. If you need dog tags for anything, go there - these tags are excellent. They do a ton of other stuff too like the foam hands, and rubber bracelets. If you're an MMA (mixed martial artist), go to Martial Arts Pride. These places are seriously cool beans WAREHOUSE certified awesome.

Okay here's a bunch of pictures of the prizes.








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