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Awesomepants Friday! I have two announcements for y'all.

The first is that I've set up a new shirt in the shop. It's the "Don't Do It" kiwi holder from the Cassowary comic, by semi-popular request :)

The second piece of news is that theWAREHOUSE Comic is moving! What? YES. I'm splitting off theWAREHOUSE comic from the main theWAREHOUSE webpage onto its own site. It's still kinda-sorta in Beta testing right now, but that's where you guys come in. theWAREHOUSE COMIC is the new site.

This is pretty big news, so...I wanted to explain:

Why the change? A couple reasons. Partly it's to give a more memorable website address to help existing readers and to appear more professional to new readers. A second reason is, design wise, I thought it was important to get the news post up next to the comic; I know it makes the page a little wider, but you don't have to scroll down as much. Of course, I won't be able to post full YouTube videos any more, so we'll just see how it goes. A third reason is kind of to separate physically the main page of theWAREHOUSE, with its articles and such, from the webcomic. The forum is staying put, associated with the main page. But of course everyone who reads the comics is still invited to join - as long as you can form coherent sentences, and you know what the word coherent means.

So check it out, leave your thoughts. For the most part the design is set, but I will be doing tweaking as we move forward.



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